Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately we will not be held responsible for any of that, but we will definitely provide a full refund with proof of course! You as the customer have to understand that orders may get cancelled…

If you would like to purchase multiple pairs of shoes, you must provide us with different info for each pair.This means different: Name, Email, Address,. Credit card, Cell number for each order. Your goal is to make each order look like a different person.

No, kixout will never 100% guarantee our customers they will get the shoe. No service out there can guarantee that, but we can guarantee your chances are a lot higher/better.

All orders must be submitted 24 hours before the release.

Tell us what you want to order, give us your billing and shipping info then sit back and wait as we do the hard work, when your item is purchased you’ll get a confirmation email of your success! If for some reason we don’t successfully checkout the item for you then just way a few days and you’ll be fully refunded for the order!”.

Absolutely! We use 256-bit encryption SSL Certificate to send your information to Stripe. Your information is 100% safe while stripe charges you for payment. When you give us your card details we use and then wipe after the release is over.

Yes you can change/edit your payment info or shoe info up to 24 hours before the release.

We place a hold on your funds. If we fail we release the funds back into your account.

No! We take care of everything and do it all for you, just sit back and relax!

Yes, since sites tend to cancel orders made using the same info (payment and address)

We checkout the item you pick on our site for you all the way through. The only way to complete the checkout process is to use your card to place the order

We provide our services for Adidas,Nike, footsites, Supreme.. Etc

Refunds take 3-15 business days to clear once submitted on our end.

If you for any reason fail to secure the item you purchased on our website successfully you will be refunded within 48-72 hours of the drop

No that is what we charge for our service fee. The price of the shoe and shipping are separate costs

All you have to do is tell us what you want and well get it for you for a small fee. This way you never have to pay resale!

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